Thursday, July 15, 2010

That little Silver Lining.....

My current job has what some term as an "Open Office".  Meaning ALL the desks other than the HR Manager and VP are out in one big room.  So I am out among everyone.  Granted it has its ups and downs.  But today a definite up...

The lady that sits next to me and I have become pretty good buddies (No dirty minds please, not that way.) and she keeps me rolling with laughter on some days.  We are in KY, and she is what we call "Country".  It's not the "Country" that is funny.  It's just some of the stuff she comes out with.

Anyway,  I had installed McAfee Site Advisor on her machine as she tends to not be too discerning with her Google Searches and it has led to a couple of mornings of cleaning up her machine.

So I get in this morning, and she says: "Hey, you know that McAfee thing you put on my computer??"

ME:"Yes, the Site Advisor?".

Her:  "Yeah, that thing. It definately works!!"

Me (in the "I know what I have to do now" tone):  "Why???"

Her:  "Because I was searching something this morning, and you know that little thing popped up and said I was on the wrong side of the tracks and get back to the right side of town."

Me: "So did you?" (hoping she didn't go to that site....)

Her:  "Yea-Ah!,  I did what you told me to do."

Me:  smile, internal laugh, stop just short of spewing coffee...