Monday, December 20, 2010

How Cool is This!!

So this weekend was the annual Christmas parade in our sweet little town.  Wifey and I decide to go down-town and partake in the fun and festivities.  Sadly, due to some terrible weather on the original date, this was the rescheduled date so there wasn’t as much stuff going on but it was still festive.

As part of the day, we decided to go down early and check out some of the shops down-town.  We went to the Gallery on the Square, and we checked out a couple of little clothing shops.

But the find of the day??  Grumpy Girl Candle and Bath... .  Wifey said she had seen this shop and had always wanted to check it out so we did.  What we found was a very delightful bath and body shop with great names for the scents like “Draft Up Your Skirt” and “Fat Bottom Girls” (Check out the “Scents” page for explanation and other awesome scents.)

We had a great time looking through the shop and talking with the owner.  It’s no secret that Wifey and I have a sometimes ‘twisted’ since of humor.  We have totally found a kindred spirit in the owner Sharon.  It was also great to find another way that our little town has changed, and in my opinion for the better.

Everyone check this site out.  They have a great on-line store and LOTs of fun gifts.  My only regret is that I didn’t find this earlier so she could get some business from my tens of readers.  (I do what I can.)
Great thing here, all of my out of town readers can join in the fun too!  Check out her on-line store.
Again, the site is  Check it out.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things I believe.

I'm jumping on the bandwagon here on something.  My wife over at Tinfoil Magnolia expanded today on a blog from a friend of hers on another blog here.

I will not say that the things I believe would fit on a clean-cut list of 10.  But here are the first 10 that came to mind.

  1. In the game of life and who you choose to spend it with, I chose well.  My wife is my best friend, my confidant, my love, my life, and why I get up in the morning.
  2. You get what you give.  If you are good to people they will be good to you.  If you are generally crappy to others, reread the first part of this bullet point.
  3. Love is possibly the best thing you can truly experience in life.  If you know or have learned what "Waiting to Exhale" means then you are there.
  4. Take time for yourself.  Decompress.  You are not being selfish when you take time to center yourself.  On the contrary, you are a lot easier to get along with, and you are more open to listen and be a good friend when you have your own baggage sorted.
  5. Your problem with me for not agreeing 100% with you is your problem.  I have just as much right as you to my beliefs.
  6. I know it sounds like a 80's hair band, but you really don't know what you've got until it's gone.
  7. Your friends are the family you choose.  And although you don't choose your family, you are truely blessed when your family is close and can laugh and love openly.
  8. You have to stop every day and look at what you have and be grateful.  Otherwise, life is just marking time.
  9. Life is life.  Sometimes life is really hard.  Sometimes life is really good.  You HAVE to take the good with the bad.  And cherish each.
  10. Finally, I'm one of those people that almost died in a horrible accident.  Really.  On the brink.  My beliefs (personal and spiritual) didn't change after my accident from that I believed before my accident.  What that tells me is that the beliefs I had before the accident I owned.  I owned them because I had thought, studied, and learned what was right for me.  Because I didn't have a big 'Eureka' moment afterword and 'change my ways' was because I was already grounded and didn't have to fall back to something else.
So there you go.  Do I know everything? No.  Am I an authority on anything? Only myself and sometimes I'm not sure of that.

Self-inspection is a good thing.  Try it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow, come and go, in and out, good and bad, better and worse.  These are just several of the words that come to mind lately.  Words that describe life, work, family, and just about everything.
When wifey and I were first married and our life together was young, these oscillations between the highs and lows were there, but the swings were small and so manageable.   

Now, the world is just screwy.  The oscillation has gotten further and further apart.  Good happens, bad happens, but it seems that I’m currently on a way extended ‘bad’ cycle and it’s REALLY getting on my nerves.

Now, as for me and wifey, it’s definitely on the up.  That’s actually the one thing I know.  Regardless of what happens, she is on my side.  Period.  No question.  Yes she may have to help me pull my head out of ‘you know where’ some times and give me perspective, but she IS on my side.   Home life is good.  We are near family again.  We are getting to see our nephews and nieces grow up and they know us by our faces, voices, and hugs, not by pictures on the wall.  And that is great.

Other things in life are just not as great right now.  Part of it is that I’m still in a tail-spin from being laid off over a year ago.  

Well not in a tail-spin, but have you ever seen one of those World-War II movies where the good-guys are trying to get home on the stolen cargo plane.  Then they get one engine shot out over Europe and you think all is lost?  And they have to fight to keep the plane flying straight because all the pull is on one side of the plane?  That’s kind of how I feel right now.

I’m making progress.  My career lost a lot of altitude when the engine went out.  Right now I’m just above the channel making my way to England and safety.  The imminent danger has passed. 

But there are those cliffs at Dover.  You remember from the movie, the plane is too close to the water, the huge limestone white cliffs are looming in the distance.  Will they make it?  Will they come so far only to crash so close to home?

This is me.  This is how I feel right now.  I’m in pretty good shape.  I survived the initial calamity of my engine being shot out.  I was lucky and got a job in a very bad economy.  Was it where I was?  No.  Did it get me home? Yes.  Was it at the level I was career-wise? No.  Am I still able to use the skills I’ve gained over the years to be a very productive person that helps people daily? Yes.

Will I get over the cliffs?


I know this is a bad analogy especially coming from me.  Those of you know me personally know what happened the last time I was in the pilot seat of a plane. (For those of you who don’t look me up on the NTSB web-site.  Yeah, you only get on that web site for one reason..)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the little things.....

I'm at work.  I'm sitting here reading blogs on my lunch hour.  As I get to my dessert (yummy vanilla yogurt), I'm reminded of the thing I've been doing all month.  I bring my lunch a lot.  I usually always eat yogurt.  And since the middle of last month, the brand of yogurt I buy has been donating to "Cups of Hope".  If you are unfamiliar, it is one of many organizations/movements/etc. that are against breast cancer.  This company is donating $.10 for each code you enter into this website toward breast cancer research.  I think it's a small but effective thing I can do.  I am a man, and thus would not suffer this terrible thing, but I am married.  I am a son.  I am a brother and uncle.  Each woman in my life means the world to me.  And while I know a dime isn't much, it IS something I can do to maybe help them not suffer this terrible thing.

Lame? Maybe.  Do I care if you think that I am for doing it?  No.

I sometimes think that it's the little things that this world is missing.  Some call it politeness.  Some call it the dreaded "political correctness".  Although those who (in my opinion) use the term "Political Correctness" every time are really saying that because it just ticks them off that they have to be polite but that's another issue.

And just for the record.  I know I'm no saint.  I know that I don't always do a small thing that could help me.  But at least I honestly do try.  If I miss one, it wasn't due to me saying something like: "All I have to do is flip this switch and it would help that person see, but you know I just don't feel like it."

Well, maybe I did do that once or twice but I do try.  And while I know this dime a day isn't much in the greater struggle against breast cancer, if 1 million people do that small thing it becomes a large thing.

Come on people.  At least try to do the small things.  A lot of small things do a large amount of good.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun, Classic Cars, and Kettle Corn....

...Need I say more?  Really.

Last weekend was the yearly car-show down-town on the square.  Now, as you all know I'm more or a scooter guy, but wow.  There were some really impressive cars down there.  Several I liked, and then there was the wish-list wifey gave me of the ones she wants when we hit the Lucky-Lotto....

There were not only old cars and pick-up trucks, but even dump trucks from the 40's and 50's.  Now, I'm sure they were 'the Thing' at the time, but sadly with the "more,bigger,faster,now" society we have now, there are personal trucks on the road that are bigger than these things.  But what are you gonna do.

Of course, the three that stood out to me were:

First, the green 50's model Chevy truck which brings back fond memories of my childhood.  My Grandfather had a '52 that we used on the farm, and that truthfully I learned to drive in.  Granted, it was the scene from a movie where the kid is constantly moving up and down in the seat, alternating between seeing over the dash, and being able to reach the pedals.

Of course, this one was clean and shiny not sadly on it's last legs with faded paint, no hub-caps (please), and the smell of pigs (it was the feed truck after all).  I wonder if I started this one, all of the little pigs would go running to the feeding spot?

There were several both the wife and I were "OH THAT IS SO COOL!" over.  But here is one that I have always wanted.  A Nash Metropolitan.

I mean, come on.  How cool is that little car.  They were even made in Nashville, just down the road from here.  Check them out here.  I would probably go for the blue or green rather than the pink however....

Finally, what small-town antique car show would be complete without this:

That's right, it's Andy and Barney's famous police car from Mayberry.  From the signs, this is one of the actual cars used on the show .  Truth or not, still pretty cool.

There were several others that I either was A) two into looking at it to think about getting a picture, or B) just was stupid and forgot.  But there were so many there.  I have to say it was quite cool.  Can't wait until next year. 

I'm really fun being able to go do all of this fun stuff.  I had forgot what my small town had available.  I'm so happy that I got another chance to enjoy it.

Oh, and did I mention...   KETTLE CORN!!!!!

Yes, all packed up in Wifey's basket (I don't have one on the Stella) and ready for me to enjoy the yummy goodness.

Monday, August 30, 2010

How dare you use your religion for such a hideous thing. You should be ashamed.

To a local Franklin Business Owner.

I'm a firm believer in the 1st amendment and believe you have the right to say what you want.  But so do I.  And I believe when you use your laundromat sign to tell people to pray for the death of the current President you are over the line.  You are neither right to wish for a thing much less pray for it or tell others to tell for it.

You slyly use an innocuous verse of the Bible, knowing full well your true meaning is the next verse that says 'may his children be orphans, and his wife a widow'.  Yes, yes you will say that you don't mean that.  But why else pull that exact quote from the Bible not knowing the passages full meaning.  If you are the Christian you portray yourself to be, you probably read the whole passage.

And I don't care where you go to Church if your pastor tells you to pray for such a thing I openly question his Christianity and I would hope you would too.  Because he not preaching the Bible, he is preaching his personal politics.

I don't care what side of the fence you are on or if you are on the side of the current President or not.  It was not right for those on the left to do it when Bush was in office.  It is not right now.

 Praying for the death of another human being has NOTHING to do with Christianity.  If you were placed on a path of study by a minister that led you to believe that praying for the death of our nations leader then that minister has a special place in hell.  He is not only leading you astray, but is already so far down the path himself that I doubt he will dig himself out.

You even think you feel justified in being against the Islamic faith because you think "That faith is just too violent".  Yet you put this out there for all of Franklin to see you hold the same ideas toward your own government.  That if they do not agree with me, they should be killed and his children orphaned, and his wife widowed.  Do you not justify being against a religion for being too violent by promoting violence toward your own government.

You may be totally justified in not liking the current leader.  We have had both extremes in our government over the past 200+ years. And thinking people can have valid, passionate reasons not to like whatever current President is in office.

But you can not justify, especially now, at this time, justifing asking the nation to pray for the death of the President.

You are wrong.
You are shameful.
And you are NOT Christian.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This isn't new, but it is a bit comical....

On May 14, 1994 I had the extreme good sense and pleasure to marry Wifey.  Not to mention luck, and good fortune to have been doing the right things that she would even WANT to marry me.

My wife and I have known each other FOREVER.  We even dated while we were in school.  But I'll admit it. Sometimes I have a raging stupidity streak and I broke up with her then.

Also you need know my parents and her parents had known each other for years and were already good friends.  So there was NEVER any of the "why are you dating that girl" questions.  I know all of you out there have been asked that.

I knew I had a good thing going one hot day while on vacation.  My Mom, Dad, little Sis and I were in Florida for a week shortly after Wifey (then Girlfriend) had started dating.  So Mom and little Sis were shopping at one OF MANY stores that day and Dad and I were out just watching people and chatting.  Then  "The serious face"...

You have seen it by your parents.  You are talking, all is great, you are laughing, then suddenly.....

"Mitch, I was wanting to talk to you about this (Wifey's Name) thing..."

Uh-oh...  What could this be....

"You know, your Mother and I REALLY like her..."


" know, I think I can even say we would be VERY HAPPY if you some day got married."

Needless to say, the conversation quickly went from serious, to weird, to 'WHEW!'.  This had been my plan all along, and I hadn't yet discussed it with him.  But let's just say it was pretty awesome for your Father to approve a decision you had made before he knew of your decision.

Anyway, back to the story.  We were married at the church where we had once upon a time met and both our parents still went to.  It was a great day.  Fun had by all, it was a beautiful wedding.

Then came the day....

The building fund had paid off, the new auditorium was to be built!  Plans were made, contractors were contracted.  The new auditorium was built to the front of the old auditorium (where we held our nuptials) was built.  And what happened to the old auditorium? And the alter where we were wed?

It's now the kitchen of the fellowship hall they turned the old auditorium into.

Now let me be clear, I write this NOT as a complaint.  NOT a 'how dare you'.  I just find it a little bit comical.  I know this means nothing nothing to the 'status' of our marriage.  We can only screw that up.  But come on, you have to admit it's a little funny.

The place where we said our vows is now ...

wait for it....

the kitchen.  

And in the spot I stood and took my vows?  Yes, a stove.  

We have several dear friends that have ALSO been married in that same spot.  Do they also find it comical?  Who knows.  I'm sure if we were all in the same room we could have a good laugh over it.  Of course, not that it's the fellowship hall, we  COULD SIT IN THAT EXACT ROOM and have a laugh over it.

I guess in another religion if the wife ever got that mad at me, she could take a picture of me and put it on the stove, turn on the burner and give me the hot foot.  Not that she would. I hope.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

That little Silver Lining.....

My current job has what some term as an "Open Office".  Meaning ALL the desks other than the HR Manager and VP are out in one big room.  So I am out among everyone.  Granted it has its ups and downs.  But today a definite up...

The lady that sits next to me and I have become pretty good buddies (No dirty minds please, not that way.) and she keeps me rolling with laughter on some days.  We are in KY, and she is what we call "Country".  It's not the "Country" that is funny.  It's just some of the stuff she comes out with.

Anyway,  I had installed McAfee Site Advisor on her machine as she tends to not be too discerning with her Google Searches and it has led to a couple of mornings of cleaning up her machine.

So I get in this morning, and she says: "Hey, you know that McAfee thing you put on my computer??"

ME:"Yes, the Site Advisor?".

Her:  "Yeah, that thing. It definately works!!"

Me (in the "I know what I have to do now" tone):  "Why???"

Her:  "Because I was searching something this morning, and you know that little thing popped up and said I was on the wrong side of the tracks and get back to the right side of town."

Me: "So did you?" (hoping she didn't go to that site....)

Her:  "Yea-Ah!,  I did what you told me to do."

Me:  smile, internal laugh, stop just short of spewing coffee...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's county fair time!!

If you live in a small town anywhere in the country, you are probably aware of the county-fair.  Not the big 'state-fairs' that are put on by a lot of big companies and state-governments.  I'm talking about the smaller county-fairs that are put on by hardworking folks who sign up to be on a board, put in long hours for no money, beg for sponsors, etc. all to bring a little enjoyment to the people who live in that area.

I will gladly admit to looking forward to the local fair every year.  Of course when I was a child, it was more for the cotton-candy, popcorn, and (seemingly) rickety rides brought in by a carnival and set up to the side of the main 'arena', and I will also admit to those things still having an appeal to me.  But these days it's more the food than the rides.  Wifey still gets a thrill over those 'twist-you-till-you-throw-up' rides however.

When I was young, the other thing that I really liked was that my Dad was in a group called  "The Young Farmers".  This group ruled the last two nights of the fair.  Two full nights of tractor pulls.  When I was young, the first night was for the local folks who wanted to pull their personal tractors.  There were a LOT more little farms then, and several farmers wanting to come and join in on the local competition.  Then the second night, the big hot-rods came out.  These things were big, strong, and LOUD!

In high school, and being the son of a Farmer of course I was in FFA, as were many of my friends.  The summer would find us planning out our weekends so that we could catch all the local ones around the area.  I don't know if was due to us liking seeing things we used daily with this much power, or what but we were ALWAYS there.

Now, all of that said this weekend was the annual Franklin-Simpson County Fair.  A full week of rides, contests, and corn-dogs (Mmmmm corn-dogs).

Remembering the final two days of the fair being so much fun as a child, I looked-forward to going to the tractor-pull at the end of the week.  This year, the last two nights were in stead not only a tractor-pull, but also a demolition derby!

I have to say  I was looking forward to the weekend all week. Friday night was the tractor pull.  Since Wifey isn't that big of a tractor-pull fan (yes I married a girl from town), I went alone.  No big deal, I found me a prime spot and current wait to enjoy the sites.

At this pull, there were two different types of tractors.  Super-Stock and Modified.   I am personally a little more fond of the Super-Stock because they look more like what I used to drive on my fathers farm.

I really like how you know exactly when they are taking the weight of the sled.  In the pics above, you can see them going down the track.  On the left, you see one one in mid-pull.  On the right (sorry for the blur) you can see one starting.  Notice the exhaust. When these tractors are revving up to pull the smoke is a grayish-white.  But when they actually start pulling you can immediately see the smoke turn to a coal-black.  Yes, it's not an efficient way of doing it.  Yes, it's not the most eco-friendly thing on the planet.  Whatever, to me it's way cool.

The other type of tractor that was there were the modifieds.  These tractors are from one to I've seen as many as 6 engines on a frame all hooked to one rear-end.  Normally these are the large 'hot-rod' engines like you see in dragsters.  But other types of engines are used too.  One very unique application are turbine engines.

These engines are the engines that you would normally see powering a turbo-prop airplane engine, or a helicopter rotor.

OK, I could go on for hours on this, but I've still not gotten to the next night!  The demolition derby!  Saturday night both wifey and I went out for this event.  This event it simple.  People enter cars that have had all glass removed, reinforced with some (minimal) safety cages, and hit them into each other trying to destroy the other guys car.  The last person with a running vehicle wins.  I mean come on, what fun!

Last nights, event however came with something I've never seen.  "Lawn-Mower-Demolition-Derby".  Crazy.  The best part was the guy that was sitting behind saying, in about the most country accent available "This S#@! is about as Redneck as hell!".  I laughed, I yelled, I laughed more.  There was so much action going on I missed stuff.  We both had so much fun we are looking for others near by.  

OH, and we even got to see a live version of C.O.P.S when two in the crown were put in hand-cuffs and led away by Franklin's Finest.  For the two nights, I was out less than $50.  I mean come on, you rarely get that much entertainment for your money.

So, if anyone in the area reading this blog is on the Franklin-Simpson, Ky fair board.  Well done, and thanks for a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Woo-Hoo, the Library!!

Some of you may or may not know, but I'm a reader.  I. LOVE. TO. READ.  So after weeks of reading everything I had here at the house that was 'on my list', AND after several suggestions by wifey to check it out, I head down to the Goodnight Memorial Library here in town. 

Now, I haven't been to this library in years.  YEARS.  All my previous memories were of the massive card catalog on the bottom floor.  I even remember having a class on how to use it.  I thought I was so cool being able to just jot up to those cool little drawers and research what I wanted, then just walk right there.  Yeah, I guess I was a geek back then too.

Well, of course technology has made it's way to my little home-town library too.  I'm sure it's been there for years.  I haven't researched it yet (I'm sure it's somewhere on the link above), but I believe it was sometime around 2000.  The reason I say that is because all of the books I've checked out so far have mid to late 1999 as the last date stamped in that little 'check-out-card-holder-thingie' in the front cover.  No, I don't know the real name for it but you all know what I'm talking about.

I must say it's nice to have the technology there.  Searching for a book is so much easier with a quick database search provided by the in-house database.  And I also like knowing if a book is there or not when I go to look for it, not just that they have it. 

I've even done an "ILL", (Intra-Library-Loan) for those of you not up on the current library lingo.  I will admit that I too didn't know this until 5 minutes after I had done it and while we were in the car driving away wifey started talking about me doing the 'ILL' and I was like 'Wha???', then she explained it.  What can I say I'm sometimes not the 'sharpest knife'.

Anyway, it's nice to know we have this great resource here in town.  I'm sure I'll be using it A LOT.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Kitchen..Yeah still at it....

When we left off, we were now again in a working kitchen.  Yes, I popped pop-corn before putting on the cabinet handles.  To be honest, I wasn't sure where they were.  We know that somewhere in a box we have handles for the cabinets that we can use.  We bought them about a year ago, but then the whole 'getting laid-off: moving 700 miles: getting into the new job: blah,blah' happened and there you go.  They are in a box.  We will find them.

Now, I need to add one small thing here.  When we replaced our appliances, we were able to find the stove and refrigerator at a good price.  Unfortunately this store didn't have the matching dishwasher yet.  So as we finished up the cabinet install we didn't yet have the dishwasher.  We had left the needed 24 and 1/4 inches so we knew we were good.  We would keep searching, find the perfect dishwasher and put it in.  (remember the 24 and 1/4 inches?)

So that next weekend, we decide to head down to Nashville.  We hadn't had a nice day-off in a while.  We would go down and go to the Frist Center, then check the big Sears outlet, then on to our very favorite Sushi place in Brentwood.

I personally hadn't gone to the Frist Center but had wanted to.  Marsha had gone once or twice, and we were looking forward to it.  Since I hadn't been there, as we were pulling up Marsha was explaining where the parking lots were that validate parking.  But whats this?  A spot right on the curb?  Next to the side door?  And it's not a handicapped spot?  What luck!!

I say, do you think we can just go in this side door?  It was chilly and I was looking for the 'quick way' in.  We try it and yes.  Right into the lobby.  Then as we are passing by the nice security guard sitting in his little booth at that side of the lobby, he says to us "Excuse me, do you have passes for today?"

We say no (me thinking we were in trouble for my quick entry through the side door), but asked where we could purchase them.

He then said, "Oh, have these two."  FREE PASSES?  Cool...

Now, for those who do not know the Frist Center.  They evidently do this a lot.  However, I just thought we had the super-double luck-out.  A great spot right outside AND free passes?  Could this day be any better?

So we spend a couple of hours at the Frist and then head to our second destination,  the HUGE Sear's appliance outlet store. We thought that surely we would have some luck in this place with a dishwasher.  No luck.  500 Refridgerators - 8 dishwashers.  Then as we were walking out of the store to the car we happened to notice a store of the same chain we bought the other two appliances from was just next door.  We decided that since we were already here we might as well check.

So we walk in, and go right over to the appiance section.  They had the EXACT one we needed.  It was the same brand as our other two, same style, stainless we couldn't believe it.  AND it was exactly 24 and 1/8 inches wide.  We left the perfect size hole.  Needless to say, she went to pay as I ran downstairs to see what I needed to do to make enough room in the SUV to get it home.  This was turning into the best day.  So we have a nice dinner, and drive home.  We can't wait to install the new dishwasher.

Sunday, we get up ready to finish out the appliance install.  We remove the dishwasher from the box.  Lug it into the kitchen, get ready to put it in the whole and...

"Wait, it's not quite fitting.  Let's move it a little this way..."  Still nothing.  Hang on, we measured this. What happened?

Suddenly we noticed.  That small line we marked that had been where the end of the 9" cabinet should have been had an extra 1/4 inch beside it.  Now, I really don't know what we did.  The best we can tell, was that when we put in the shims we must have moved the cabinet just enough that the dishwasher no longer fit.

Oh well, we can just slide the cabinets down.  We loosen the screws holding down the counter top.  We take out the screws holding the cabinets to the wall.  It was then I noticed that the nice big opening that I had to secure the sink cabinet to the wall was of course NOW taken up with the sink.  So now I have maybe 4-5 inches left to work with.  Underneath the sink where I will have to do all the work upside down.  And the topper.  My shortest screwdriver was way longer than 4-5 inches.

My Grandfather had a saying.  "Always have the right tool for the job.  If you don't have the tool, make it.  If you can't make it, well you don't have any business messing with it in the first place." 

So with this sage advice in my head, and summoning all of that Herndon 'make your own tool' mojo that I had learned growing up on the farm,  AND after much scratching of the head, I create the tool I need for the job. 

I put a screw-driver bit, into a socket that is the right size, holding it in with a bit of masking tape.  Then when the 'screw-bit-socket-driver-thingie' (patent pending) is on the ratchet, I can remove the screw in a tight spot.  I get to work.

Now remember, I'm working upside down.  And it's really hard to take out a 3 inch screw a quarter turn at a time.  So I continue.

OK, my leg was tired.  So after about 30 minutes, I get one of the two screws out... Next....

OK, so we get the sink cabinet loose.  We move the cabinets down 'just a smidge', then tighten it all back up again.

Woo-Hoo, the dishwasher now fits perfectly.  I spend the next couple of hours re-assembling the plumbing for the sink, re-adjusting the cabinet doors, and finding the bandages and anti-biotic cream.  Because there is another famous Herndon saying.  Well not a saying but really kind of a curse.

"No job can be completed until blood is spilled."  Yes, sounds kinda crazy.  But any of you that grew up on a farm can attest to this.  It's very hard not to get out of a project without a few scrapes.

OK, that's the most of the 'heavy' construction.  Since this we have painted and installed new lighting, including using an old wine rack we found in conjunction with a new fixture to do something nice over the kitchen sink.

OH, and you can notice the new paint too.  Yes, we have come a long way.  We have the kitchen more or less like we want it now.  As soon as we find that magic connection on some cork flooring we'll finish it up and be really proud.  I'll circle back and put more pictures in once the 'interior designer' (wifey) has OK-ed me putting up pictures of the "Non-Construction-Zone" kitchen up on the internet.

Now, On to the Patio.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Kitchen... Day 3..(Or, yes still working on it...)

OK, time to put the cabinets in on the other side of the kitchen.  Now being pros for putting in the other side, we boldly move forward.  We know as we put in the bottom cabinets we need to leave 24 and 1/4 inches for the dishwasher.

We put in the bit cabinet with the nice 36" drawer,  measured 24 1/4 inches and placed the cabinet for the sink and the small 9 in cabinet.  As we place the sink cabinet, we realize that it's ever so slightly off kilter (I'm told that's what the pros say).  Having had this problem before I pull out my 'bag-o-shims' and quickly tap in a shim to make the cabinet just right.  We reset the small 9 inch cabinet, also tapping in a small shim to make it all line up just perfectly.

Great, all cabinets are in.  On to the counter top.   Realize, due to our recent move our garage is still quite full.  I dig out the saw-horses and find just enough room to put the counter top onto them and still have 8 inches to stand in to cut.  Perfect.  So I go back into the kitchen and measure how far from the wall to where the sink would be centered.  I go and make a small mark on the bottom side of the counter top.  I go measure again. I double check.  (Can you tell I'm gun shy on cutting?)

We both go out to the garage.  "Honey, can you please double-check me?  We don't want to cut this wrong."  I show her my measurements, why I measured this way, blah blah...

"Yeah, that all seems right.....wait a minute!" She says.

"WHAT?" I say.

"OK, if we have this laying here up-side down, that end there would be by the wall right?" She asks.

"Yes, I think so." I reply.

"Then shouldn't the hole for the sink be over here?" she says trying not to hurt my manly pride.

"OH!  You are so right!!" I exclaimed, "I am SO glad I asked." 

Now, for those of you out there who may find this odd.  I won't say I'm a perfect husband.  But I have at least learned to ask my wife on certain things.  Plus, I think whatever pride I may have lost being wrong was MORE than made up for not having to go buy another 10 foot section of counter-top.  We re-measure, and double-check ourselves again.  Good.  I grit my teeth and make the cut.  Perfect.

From then on things go fairly smoothly.  I even was able to put the disposal in, and get all the drain pipes together with only 1 extra trip to the store.  On top of that, not one leak.  NONE.  I usually have to futz around with it for a couple of hours until I get it all right.

We have a 'working' kitchen.