Monday, August 30, 2010

How dare you use your religion for such a hideous thing. You should be ashamed.

To a local Franklin Business Owner.

I'm a firm believer in the 1st amendment and believe you have the right to say what you want.  But so do I.  And I believe when you use your laundromat sign to tell people to pray for the death of the current President you are over the line.  You are neither right to wish for a thing much less pray for it or tell others to tell for it.

You slyly use an innocuous verse of the Bible, knowing full well your true meaning is the next verse that says 'may his children be orphans, and his wife a widow'.  Yes, yes you will say that you don't mean that.  But why else pull that exact quote from the Bible not knowing the passages full meaning.  If you are the Christian you portray yourself to be, you probably read the whole passage.

And I don't care where you go to Church if your pastor tells you to pray for such a thing I openly question his Christianity and I would hope you would too.  Because he not preaching the Bible, he is preaching his personal politics.

I don't care what side of the fence you are on or if you are on the side of the current President or not.  It was not right for those on the left to do it when Bush was in office.  It is not right now.

 Praying for the death of another human being has NOTHING to do with Christianity.  If you were placed on a path of study by a minister that led you to believe that praying for the death of our nations leader then that minister has a special place in hell.  He is not only leading you astray, but is already so far down the path himself that I doubt he will dig himself out.

You even think you feel justified in being against the Islamic faith because you think "That faith is just too violent".  Yet you put this out there for all of Franklin to see you hold the same ideas toward your own government.  That if they do not agree with me, they should be killed and his children orphaned, and his wife widowed.  Do you not justify being against a religion for being too violent by promoting violence toward your own government.

You may be totally justified in not liking the current leader.  We have had both extremes in our government over the past 200+ years. And thinking people can have valid, passionate reasons not to like whatever current President is in office.

But you can not justify, especially now, at this time, justifing asking the nation to pray for the death of the President.

You are wrong.
You are shameful.
And you are NOT Christian.

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