Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the little things.....

I'm at work.  I'm sitting here reading blogs on my lunch hour.  As I get to my dessert (yummy vanilla yogurt), I'm reminded of the thing I've been doing all month.  I bring my lunch a lot.  I usually always eat yogurt.  And since the middle of last month, the brand of yogurt I buy has been donating to "Cups of Hope".  If you are unfamiliar, it is one of many organizations/movements/etc. that are against breast cancer.  This company is donating $.10 for each code you enter into this website toward breast cancer research.  I think it's a small but effective thing I can do.  I am a man, and thus would not suffer this terrible thing, but I am married.  I am a son.  I am a brother and uncle.  Each woman in my life means the world to me.  And while I know a dime isn't much, it IS something I can do to maybe help them not suffer this terrible thing.

Lame? Maybe.  Do I care if you think that I am for doing it?  No.

I sometimes think that it's the little things that this world is missing.  Some call it politeness.  Some call it the dreaded "political correctness".  Although those who (in my opinion) use the term "Political Correctness" every time are really saying that because it just ticks them off that they have to be polite but that's another issue.

And just for the record.  I know I'm no saint.  I know that I don't always do a small thing that could help me.  But at least I honestly do try.  If I miss one, it wasn't due to me saying something like: "All I have to do is flip this switch and it would help that person see, but you know I just don't feel like it."

Well, maybe I did do that once or twice but I do try.  And while I know this dime a day isn't much in the greater struggle against breast cancer, if 1 million people do that small thing it becomes a large thing.

Come on people.  At least try to do the small things.  A lot of small things do a large amount of good.

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