Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow, come and go, in and out, good and bad, better and worse.  These are just several of the words that come to mind lately.  Words that describe life, work, family, and just about everything.
When wifey and I were first married and our life together was young, these oscillations between the highs and lows were there, but the swings were small and so manageable.   

Now, the world is just screwy.  The oscillation has gotten further and further apart.  Good happens, bad happens, but it seems that I’m currently on a way extended ‘bad’ cycle and it’s REALLY getting on my nerves.

Now, as for me and wifey, it’s definitely on the up.  That’s actually the one thing I know.  Regardless of what happens, she is on my side.  Period.  No question.  Yes she may have to help me pull my head out of ‘you know where’ some times and give me perspective, but she IS on my side.   Home life is good.  We are near family again.  We are getting to see our nephews and nieces grow up and they know us by our faces, voices, and hugs, not by pictures on the wall.  And that is great.

Other things in life are just not as great right now.  Part of it is that I’m still in a tail-spin from being laid off over a year ago.  

Well not in a tail-spin, but have you ever seen one of those World-War II movies where the good-guys are trying to get home on the stolen cargo plane.  Then they get one engine shot out over Europe and you think all is lost?  And they have to fight to keep the plane flying straight because all the pull is on one side of the plane?  That’s kind of how I feel right now.

I’m making progress.  My career lost a lot of altitude when the engine went out.  Right now I’m just above the channel making my way to England and safety.  The imminent danger has passed. 

But there are those cliffs at Dover.  You remember from the movie, the plane is too close to the water, the huge limestone white cliffs are looming in the distance.  Will they make it?  Will they come so far only to crash so close to home?

This is me.  This is how I feel right now.  I’m in pretty good shape.  I survived the initial calamity of my engine being shot out.  I was lucky and got a job in a very bad economy.  Was it where I was?  No.  Did it get me home? Yes.  Was it at the level I was career-wise? No.  Am I still able to use the skills I’ve gained over the years to be a very productive person that helps people daily? Yes.

Will I get over the cliffs?


I know this is a bad analogy especially coming from me.  Those of you know me personally know what happened the last time I was in the pilot seat of a plane. (For those of you who don’t look me up on the NTSB web-site.  Yeah, you only get on that web site for one reason..)

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