Monday, December 20, 2010

How Cool is This!!

So this weekend was the annual Christmas parade in our sweet little town.  Wifey and I decide to go down-town and partake in the fun and festivities.  Sadly, due to some terrible weather on the original date, this was the rescheduled date so there wasn’t as much stuff going on but it was still festive.

As part of the day, we decided to go down early and check out some of the shops down-town.  We went to the Gallery on the Square, and we checked out a couple of little clothing shops.

But the find of the day??  Grumpy Girl Candle and Bath... .  Wifey said she had seen this shop and had always wanted to check it out so we did.  What we found was a very delightful bath and body shop with great names for the scents like “Draft Up Your Skirt” and “Fat Bottom Girls” (Check out the “Scents” page for explanation and other awesome scents.)

We had a great time looking through the shop and talking with the owner.  It’s no secret that Wifey and I have a sometimes ‘twisted’ since of humor.  We have totally found a kindred spirit in the owner Sharon.  It was also great to find another way that our little town has changed, and in my opinion for the better.

Everyone check this site out.  They have a great on-line store and LOTs of fun gifts.  My only regret is that I didn’t find this earlier so she could get some business from my tens of readers.  (I do what I can.)
Great thing here, all of my out of town readers can join in the fun too!  Check out her on-line store.
Again, the site is  Check it out.

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